Gütertaxi Dresden


Big purchase in the furniture store? – The Gütertaxi is the way home.

Finally you managed to find that one sofa in the small ads section, or make a furniture dream come true. Or you're planning a purchase in the DIY store. Whatever you're going to have, the question arises, how will the shiny new things get to your home. Even if you have a car, more often than not it's just too small.

Gladly, there's the Gütertaxi for just these occasions. Transport rates start at 25 Euro (mini transport) or 30 Euro (small transport). In contrast to the offerings of some stores, rates are independent of the value of the carried items.

Gütertaxi translates loosely to "cargo transport unit".

What we offer

Our basic offer is a small transport car including the driver who will help you carrying the things. In case of exceptionally large or many things we provide bigger cars. If you cannot join in carrying the things, we bring more men along. We even build up your furniture, whereby you profit from our experience in these matters.

Yes, the packages of the popular 2.36 meter IKEA® PAX wardrobes do fit in the smallest of the transport cars. Have a look at detailed information about our vehicles.

We are not limited to in-town transports. We go as far as Germany extends and beyond its borders. However, costs rise pretty quickly then, as we perform direct transports, which means we go to a destination forth and back just for you, which translates to considerable costs in the case of long distances.

Your benefits

In contrast to the delivery services of many furniture stores we get to you at the exact time of appointment (within 10 min accuracy, btw.), not just any time at that day. Obviously you can make more meaningful use of your time than waiting for a delivery all day long. Also, we can approach multiple stores at the same tour.

In comparison to a rental car, you don't have to drive yourself (risk of accidents), you don't have to get the truck from and return it to the car rental station, don't have to refuel it, and one guy helping you carry is already included.

We have experience in loading the truck and carrying the stuff, both of which is not as simple as one might think.

What we don't offer

There are some things that we don't do. Those include:

  • dedicated person transports – that's the business of taxi cabs (but you can go with us in the car)
  • transporting dangerous goods (as in toxic waste) or articles of high value (think gold bars or abstract paintings)
  • transporting building waste, loose materials or severely messy things
  • transporting acoustic pianos (electric pianos are ok) or so-called "american" or "side-by-side" refrigerators – there are experts for that
  • building up a kitchenette (built-in, fitted kitchen), connecting an electric cooker (due to legal restrictions in Germany) – again, there are experts for that
  • vehicle without driver – if you are looking for reasonably priced car rental, have a look at the right-hand side of dresden-transporter.de (but they don't speak English there)