Gütertaxi Dresden

Contact & Appointment

Gütertaxi closed for the time being
Dear clients, the Gütertaxi has ceased operations until further notice. We do currently not accept any orders and will also not answer inquiries in this regard.


Business closed

Yes, you can speak English to us. We offer communication in English to non-german speakers as a service. At least one person of our staff will speak English.

* Put your request by email! We are hard to reach by phone! At this company, the boss still works himself, so the office is only infrequently staffed. Use the phone for very short-notice requests or short quick questions only!

If nobody picks up after about 30 seconds of ringing, the call is diverted to a mobile phone (the fee for that is on us). If nobody picks up after 60 seconds of ringing, try again later or write an email. If the second attempt fails, too, write an email. Normally (that is, not always) we respond on the same working day.

Do not send text messages to our number! It's a landline number.

Business hours

Main business hours: Monday – Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

After consultation, we are also available at other times, on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.


We realize our competitive prices by precise planning. We cannot come to you immediately upon your call. You will definitely need to make an appointment. Our service is particularly frequented on Saturdays and near the end of the month. Secure your appointment early! (How long in advance? Find the answer in the FAQ page.)

What we need to know

We will ask you in quite some detail, what we are going to do for you, so we can assess effort and space requirements and, finally, make a realistic estimate of the total costs.

Transporting things can be a complex matter, often underestimated by the inexperienced. We insist on learning the details we ask for so that we can verify your plan is realistically feasible and, also, can schedule adequately.

Most notably, we need to know:

  • Start and destination addresses of the tour as well as any intermediate stations, each of them in terms of street name and house number. (Within Dresden we usually don't need postal codes as most street names in Dresden are unique.) The name of a nearby tram station is not good enough. Should you want to go somewhere else afterwards, for example return to the starting point, state that explicitly or we'll assume you're going to stay at the end point.
  • From what floor* do we retrieve your things when loading? To which floor do we bring the stuff when unloading? If you don't need our help bringing the things down and up, answer this with "from curb to curb".
    • Can we use elevators?
    • Are there additional distances, e.g. getting the things from a rear building not accessible with the vehicle, or long dorm hallways?
    • Are there exceptionally difficult ways like narrow, angled corridors, spiral stairs?

    * Note that we start counting floors at 0 (zero) in Germany. The 1st floor is the one above the ground floor. Unfortuantely there are also exceptions.

  • Coarse information about the cargo in a manner that helps us estimate the effort and required space. A list of the bigger items would be good. You can send us links to pictures or small ads from which we can see the cargo to complement your description. One particularly important piece of information is if there's a washing machine involved! It is yet another matter if the washing machine is a Miele make.
  • Should we bring along additional helpers? How many volunteers are available from your side? (We know that you might not be able to answer this question. We find out together.)
  • Mobile phone number