Gütertaxi Dresden

Mini transport

In case it's not so much...

Sometimes it's not much you have to transport – just a little something, so to speak. In that case the minimum cost of a standard transport might still appear too high. There's not much we can do about it, but we can do a little – a little something, so to speak.

The mini transport ist generally priced at 25 EUR. It's essentially like a regular transport with our smallest vehicle subject to certain restrictions. Most notably, it's limited to 40 minutes of execution time.

Depending on the destination, that is oftentimes sufficient for the typical IKEA® transport. Even small relocations "from curb to curb" can be managed within that time span. We have many chinese student clients who keep on demonstrating this.


  • up to 40 minutes of execution time, we rely on this for our schedule
  • this implies, we have to have agreed upon the mini transport; retrospective downgrading is not possible
  • only within our fare zones I and II, excluding the Äußere Neustadt area
  • only the S size vehicle and driver, no larger vehicles, no more men
  • only Monday–Thursday 10–19