Gütertaxi Dresden

Prices (in-town and near-town)

Tariffs for transports and relocation assistance within the town and close surroundings

We publish most of our prices in order to give you an idea of the costs, enabling you to plan unhurriedly how our service best fits your intent.

Short and sweet

  • 1st hour according to the tariff zone of the start or destination address (whichever is higher), always charged in full
  • 2nd and later hours 30 EUR/h, billed in increments of 5 EUR
  • Upgrades and options (including operations outside our business hours) at an additional cost


Base price
30 €/h
S category vehicle; Tariff zones I and II; first hour is charged in full, 5 € increments thereafter
Tariff zone III
+ 5 €
Tariff zone IV
+ 10 €
Tariff zone V
+ 15 €
Tariff zone ...
a.s.o. ...
M category
+ 10 €/h
L category
+ 15 €/h
Additional manpower
+ 25 €/h
per additional man
+ 5 €/h
(per man)
Sunday, Public holiday
+ 10 €/h
(per man)
before 10 a.m.
+ 5 €/h
(per man)
after 7 p.m.
+ 5 €/h
(per man)
after 9 p.m.
+ 10 €/h
(per man)
25 €
max. 40 minutes; more restrictions

In detail

The total cost for transports within the city of Dresden and in the near surroundings are based on overall hourly rates. In these, all the usual expenses are already included, so there's usually no additional cost.

The base price for our services is 30 EUR/h. This includes the fare for an S category vehicle, the driver, who helps you carrying and loading, and the provision of equipment such as sack barrow, tools (available on request), furniture blankets and load securing materials, as well as simple consumable supplies such as duck tape. The VAT is also included. Not included are comparatively expensive consumables such as moving boxes or bubble wrap.

We bill in increments of 5 EUR, this corresponds to steps of 10 minutes of the basic service.

The first hour, however, is different. Every order causes us quite some work behind the scenes. That's why the first hour is always charged in full, irrespective of the actual duration to fulfill an order, i.e. the price of the first hour is also the minimum price.

In cases where we have a long way to reach the meeting point, there's a higher rate for the first hour, based on the following tariff zones.

Additional services can be found in the upgrades & options list further down.

Tariff zones

The rate for the first hour depends on the tariff zone classification in the following table. We divide the area into tariff zones. The locations of job start and end are mapped to these zones. The higher of these so determined zones is significant for the price of the first hour.

Example: Your purchase in the Elbepark (that's where IKEA® is located) is to be transported to your home in the township of Loschwitz. The Elbepark is located in tariff zone II, Loschwitz in tariff zone III. The latter is the higher of the two zones and thus decides on the price of the first hour (35 EUR).

Since you probably don't know most of the area names, you'll have to ask. You ask by giving us the street name and house number for each location in question. For locations outside of Dresden, the postal code is at least helpful, sometimes required.

Tariff zones with prices of the first hour
(Most browsers offer a search function with CTRL+F)
Tariff zone Mini transport Regular transport
Dresden I+II
everything between
Trachau – Hellerberge – Albertstadt/Industriegelände in the north
Laubegast – Leuben – Niedersedlitz – Lockwitz in the east
Lockwitz – Goppeln – Possendorf – Freital-Deuben in the south
Gompitz – Cossebaude – Radebeul-Ost(01) in the west
This comprises most areas of the town.
Mini transport is not offered in Äußere Neustadt.
25 EUR 30 EUR
Dresden III
Hellerau, Klotzsche
Weißer Hirsch, Bühlau, Quohren(02)
Loschwitz, Wachwitz
{Klein,Groß}-zschachwitz, Meusslitz
Großluga, Gommern, Mügeln, Heidenau
Borthen, Dohna, Kreischa, Quohren(03)
Neuwelschhufe, Karsdorf, Oelsa, Obernaundorf
Freital-Hainsberg, Coßmannsdorf
Weißig(04), Großopitz, Kleinopitz, Oberhermsdorf, Braunsdorf
Kesselsdorf, Grumbach
Brabschütz, Oberwartha, Niederwartha
Radebeul(05), Radebeul-West(06)
Boxdorf, Reichenberg
-- 35 EUR
Dresden IV
Weixdorf, Langebrück
Weißig, Ullersdorf
Rochwitz, Pappritz, Gönnsdorf, Cunnersdorf(07), Schönfeld-Weißig, Helfenberg, Eichbusch, Rockau
Hosterwitz, Pillnitz, Söbrigen
Rabenau, Siedlung Waldfrieden, Somsdorf, Tharandt
Herzogswalde, Mohorn, Grund
Radebeul-Zitzschewig(08), Coswig
Friedewald, Moritzburg
-- 40 EUR
Dresden V
Hermsdorf, Schönborn, Liegau-Augustusbad
Schullwitz, Malschendorf, Reitzendorf, Zaschendorf, Borsberg, Graupa
Birkwitz, Pratzschwitz, Pirna
Edle Krone, Höckendorf
Grillenburg, Hetzdorf, Niederschöna, Naundorf
-- 45 EUR
Dresden VI
Leppersdorf, {Klein,Groß}-röhrsdorf
Klingenberg, Colmnitz, Bobritzsch
-- 50 EUR
Dresden VII
-- 55 EUR

(01) east of Schilden-/Gutenbergstraße
(02) near Bühlau
(03) near Kreischa
(04) near Tharandt
(05) west of Schilden-/Gutenbergstraße
(06) east of Kottenleite
(07) near Schönfeld-Weißig
(08) west of Kottenleite

Upgrades & Options

Surcharges for upgrades and options
Option Surcharge
Medium size vehicle (M category) +10 EUR/h (on weekends minimum order 4 h)
Large size vehicle (L category) +15 EUR/h (on weekends minimum order 4 h)
additional manpower +25 EUR/h
Morning surcharge: Order begins before 10 a.m. + 5 EUR/(MP and started h before 1000)
Late surcharge: Order ends after 7 p.m. + 5 EUR/(MP and started h after 1900)
Night surcharge: Order ends after 9 p.m. +10 EUR/(MP and started h after 2100)
Saturday surcharge + 5 EUR/(MP and h)
Sundays and public holidays +10 EUR/(MP and h)

All options stack. For example, the surcharge for jobs on a Saturday evening after 7 p.m. is +10 EUR/h per man.

Fine print

Other prices on request.

All prices in Euros. Alle Preise enthalten die gesetzliche Mehrwertsteuer (derzeit 19 % vom Nettowert). All prices include VAT (currently 19 % of net value). Errors and omissions excepted. The announcement of the prices is solely informational, not a binding offer.

Abbreviations: EUR = Euro; h = Stunde(n); MP = man power (worker)