Gütertaxi Dresden


You have probably noticed already – Germany is a country of rules.

We have rules for everything, some of which may come surprising. Here's what you need to know.

Company rules

Our company has made up some rules, which result from certain trade-offs we chose to make in order to offer a price as low as possible.

  • You have to make an appointment. Don't confuse our service with a taxicab. We rely on a precise scheduling. We cannot come to you immediately upon your call. Also, we need to make an estimate of how long your order will take us to fulfill. That's why we ask you many details about what we are going to do for you. Without this restriction our prices would be much higher. Our service is particularly frequented on Saturdays and near the end of the month. Secure your appointment early!
  • We can't always answer the phone. We don't have extra staff to guard the phone while we're out serving orders. Let the phone ring for a while. After about 30 seconds the call is relayed to a mobile phone (the fee for that is on us). Even then we can't always respond immediately. Try again later or, even better, write an email. Do not send SMS to our number! It's a landline number, mind you.
  • Mind our business hours. We are not available 24/7. We are real humans with personal lives. Our main business hours are MON – FRI 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. We also serve you outside these hours, even on Sundays, if you make an appointment in advance and for a small extra fee.
  • Do not bargain over the price, especially not after we already performed our work. We understand, bargaining may be part of your culture, but it's not part of our's. Bargaining is considered rude, or utterly inappropriate at the least. We tell you upfront what total cost you have to expect and how we calculate this (or you can just read it here). That's the prices we work for. They are carefully crafted to be as low as possible, yet to permit this service to exist at all.
  • We are advocates of clear communication. Sadly, it's gone out of fashion to properly explain to the client what a deal comprises (and what it does not). PR phrases and miles long footnotes are designed to optimally conceal price and merits (see mobile phone contracts, for example). We won't be a party to that! In fact, we attach great importance to you knowing what you can expect. For example, we publish most of our prices upfront. On the other hand, we also want to know, what we have to expect. That's why we ask you many details about your concern. Find an overview at the contact page. That is the basis on which we can realistically estimate time and effort and tell a price.

State rules

These are rules imposed by the government. Violating these rules, if noticed by law enforcement, is usually punished by a fine.

  • Never ever must persons be transported in the cargo bay. That is strictly forbidden, and for good reason as there's is a tremendous risk of injury. Our vehicles usually provide seats for two persons besides the driver (three persons in total).
  • Persons going in the car have to fasten the seat belt.
  • Must not go just any way with the car. More often than not, it is either impossible or illegal for cars to approach a destination directly. Instead, an indirect route has to be found. This is why we can't rely on you pointing a finger in the general direction of the destination, and this is one of the reasons we ask for the exact destination address when we take your order, so we can plan the route in advance.
  • Must not stop the car just anywhere. This is a particularly cumbersome rule, because it's often impossible to obey. There's an abundance of regulation solely about where a car may stop and where it must not. Most notably, standing or driving on the sidewalk is illegal. But sometimes there's no choice than to violate this rule. In the event that such an unavoidable violation is observed and punished by the law enforcement we have to pass the fine on to you. Of course, we advise you accordingly as we see that danger arise.