Gütertaxi Dresden

Relocation assistance

You can manage and perform a move by yourself!

But, there's that one thing: You need a van, and someone's gotta drive that vehicle.

With our help you'll manage your relocation super-economically, especially within the town.

What we offer

We help you with your relocation to the extend to which you need it. We show up with a vehicle the size best suited for your particular move. We show up with as many moving helpers as you need to supplement your own helpers (if any). Or, if you have the car issue managed already, we provide just the assistance in carrying, without a vehicle. Thus, you can achieve an optimal price. We also help you dismantling and building up your furniture, or do it entirely for you.

Also, a relocation can well be combined with a trip to the dump yard to get rid of old stuff, or a trip to the furniture store to pick up new things.

We are happy to perform your regional or supra-regional move (Germany or the near abroad). Note, however, that we perform direct transports, in contrast to large freight forwarding companies, which means we go to a destination forth and back just for you, which translates to considerable costs in the case of long distances.

Tips for your move

The secret of a low-cost move is that you do as much as possible by yourself. Most of all, carrying down and up all the things, but also the disassembly and assembly of large pieces of furniture. It'll be especially cheap if you need us only for the transport from curb to curb.

Most importantly, preparation is everything! Plan, and pack your stuff early! We keep seeing ill-prepared removals protracting unnecessarily and, thus, becoming more expensive. Begin a few weeks in advance to sort out no longer needed things. Maybe you can sell or give away them, so you spare the transport for it.

Cater for your moving helpers! Hauling furniture means sweating, so your helpers need constant water supply. Sugarly drinks may be suitable, coffee or alcoholics are certainly not. For bigger moves, the helpers should get something to eat and a corresponding break should be scheduled. (The moving helpers provided by us take care of themselves.)

Don't skimp on moving boxes! Everything that is not packed must be carried separately, which can be time consuming. But you also shouldn't pack the boxes too heavy, rather use a few more. Especially the inferior boxes from the DIY store are usually not made for heavy duty. Moreover, the powers of your moving helpers are unduly claimed.

It is true, unfortunately, that moving boxes are not cheap, especially if they are any good. Often, you can get empty banana cartons in supermarkets for free, if you ask for them. Those are very stable and are particularly well suited for books.

You can make optimum use of space in a box by starting down with heavy objects and then fill up with less heavy things.

For clothing/textiles large 120-liter garbage bags are ideal. Select the tear-resistant ones. Also don't stuff them too full, otherwise they can burst under pressure.

Dismantle large furniture! Rule of thumb is that wardrobes as wide as 1 meter or more should be disassembled. Not only because of their weight, but also because of the sheer size. The cabinet must be juggled through the doors and down and up the stairwell and then takes up unnecessarily much space in the van.

Kitchen tables can usually have the legs unscrewed, thereby saving a lot of space.

It is advisable to also remove the handgrips from the doors of wardrobes. This makes loading the car easier and will consequently save time.

We often notice clients being shy at dismantling furniture, because they fear it won't be stable after reassembling due to worn out drill holes. It is true that this is a problem, especially with cheap cabinets. But carrying a cabinet as a whole will cause high lateral forces to act, which also affect the stability permanently, so that nothing is gained thereby. Also, modern furniture systems use hardly any conventional screws for the main connections, so this becomes more and more a non-issue. Many cabinets are not designed to support their own weight when not put up properly, i.e. parts of the cabinet can be destroyed by its own weight.

Of course, we will take care of furniture disassembly and reassembly for you, or together with you, but tell us in advance.

What we don't offer

There are some things that we don't do. Those include:

  • transporting acoustic pianos (electric pianos are ok) or so-called "american" or "side-by-side" refrigerators – there are experts for that
  • building up a kitchenette (built-in, fitted kitchen), connecting an electric cooker (due to legal restrictions in Germany) – again, there are experts for that
  • transporting dangerous goods (as in toxic waste) or articles of high value (think gold bars or abstract paintings)
  • transporting building waste, loose materials or severely messy things
  • vehicle without driver – if you are looking for reasonably priced car rental, have a look at the right-hand side of dresden-transporter.de (but they don't speak English there)