Gütertaxi Dresden

Municipal dump yard

Sometimes you have to just get rid of old stuff.

The city of Dresden runs several municipal dump yards (german: Wertstoffhof), where any official resident of Dresden can dump old stuff up to a certain quantity free of charge.

A relocation is an ideal occasion to get rid of stuff that is no longer needed. However, please take note of certain considerations and restrictions outlined in the rest of this page.

Clarification: The disposal itself is free of charge. Our service to get the stuff to the yard is obviously not.

Note that ...

  • The dump yards have some weird opening hours.
  • Not too much! One fully loaded of our S size vehicles will usually be accepted, though, strictly speaking, it is too much already. Approaching the yard with bigger vehicles may get us entirely rejected there.
  • No normal household garbage! The dump yard is not meant to save you the hassle of other disposal channels. Instead, it is meant for waste that cannot be disposed of in other ways. In particular, whatever fits in the standard (black) waste containers at your house (and is allowed in there) will not be accepted free of charge, if at all.
  • We have to strictly comply with their separation of waste rules. We have to sort the waste according to given categories when unloading there. It is advisable to already sort when loading the car.

    • bulky waste (e.g. armchair, sofa, carpet) up to 2 m³ per half-year
    • wood (including the laminated pressboard that most cupboards and shelves are made of) up to 2 m³ per half-year
    • metal, scrap metal
    • large electric appliances (washing machine, fridge)
    • electronics: computers, displays, TV sets a.s.o.
    • LEDs, fluorescent lamps (Never dispose of fluorescent lamps with normal household trash! They contain highly toxic mercury. Make sure they do not break to pieces!)
    • harmful substances (like wall paint) up to 10 kg
    • glass
    • paper, cardboard

    Not all yards accept all of the above categories. Note that these rules are subject to personal interpretation by the yard manager, and that we do not officially speak for the facility.

  • You have to appear in person there. We cannot go there for you, we go there with you. Technically, you're the one dumping, we only help you with that. You'll have to supply your address and attach your signature. In theory, they monitor how often you go there, which is allowed only twice a year. A passport is normally not required, but some kind of identification proving your residency might come in helpful just in case.

Specific information about each of the yards is found at their website, including opening hours and their phone numbers, where you may direct inquiries to. (But they definitely don't speak English, and we have occasionally noticed traces of xenophobia, so you may want to ask a german acquaintance for help.)

Commercial dump sites

There are also commercial dump yards, for example Becker Umweltdienste or Veolia Umweltservice. There you can rid as much as you want, for money.

Start early!

This goes especially to you guys working long hours at the institutes and corporations. There seems to be a habit of suddenly noticing you have lots and lots of stuff you want to get rid of, oftentimes in the course of an ongoing relocation. Take care of this issue early! As in several weeks before you move. Managing this in the last minute will almost certainly fail.

Dispose small items in the black garbage cans over weeks, so that their capacity is not exceeded. Make photos of stuff and sell it (see next section). Ask your german coworkers for help with this.

One does not have to throw away everything

We ask you to do a favour to yourself, other people and our planet. Try to sell or give away usable items in advance, instead of throwing them away. Many people depend on getting things for a low price or for free, even in a wealthy country like Germany. (The wealth is not for the 99%.) Also, you save yourself work by letting other people pick up the stuff at your place.

For starters, it is advisable to offer usable items in a small ads section, for example SZ-Pinnwand, cyberSax Plaza, ebay small ads or Quoka.

The Soziale Möbeldienst des SUFW ("social furniture service") retrieves good-condition furniture from your place in order to give it to poor people. You just have to give them a call (in German). They are sometimes picky about what they take and what they leave.

Also, the abfallGUT Dresden e.V. runs a furniture-for-free-store in the township of Pieschen. You (or we) can bring your furniture there which will then be made available to the poor. Note! The combination of dump yard and freeshop at this place has ceased to exist. The freeshop remains, but the dump yard is gone. It is no longer possible to bring both, usable and disposable furniture to that place.